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CHIP stands for Collective Human Intelligence Platform. The CHIP menu relates the technical side of A World Without Money. The CHIP menu describes humanity’s platform (the CHIP), the Plan of the CHI, how it all works, can be obtained and what you can do to help.

AWWM stands for A World Without Money. The AWWM menu relates to the nontechnical side of a world without money. This side explains the abnormal behaviors and distorted perceptions that money gives us and explains why we’ve destroyed our own environment. It answers a number of questions about things like dealing with people with guns, what we do when the electricity goes out and other conditions like these. It shows how humanity can regain the mindset of wisdom that can last a million years. It gives examples of what a world without money might look like and associations that could give us a better chance than we think we have. There is a section called the “Law of Life” that is currently being written. When it’s done, it will tell the story of our ancestors and what went wrong from the perceptions that my studies have revealed to me.

Welcome to A World Without Money

People often assume that this website is about some kind of barter system or communal living. That’s not what this website is about.

This website shows how humanity can have a sustainable future by designing that future first. What makes a sustainable future possible to design is that its designed as a world that doesn’t use any form of exchange system at all.

We Need A Sustainable World

A sustainable future eludes us because no matter what we do the power of money is in control and we cannot stop it. But there is a power that can stop it. That power is from our Mother Earth herself.

Our Mother Earth will cause us to let go of the power of money. In order to save the world we need to be ready when this time comes. This website shows how we can be ready.

The most important thing to know: Is that humanity needs an internet platform of its own more than anything else in the world right now because it would allow us to have a plan ready for when humanity is ready. An internet platform would give us the place to come together, free from the influence of money, and have a decision making process that begets decisions based on logic, common sense, and wisdom instead of on money and other influences. A platform would give us the ability meet face to face without language barriers or invisible lines that can’t be trespassed, or having to surrender our passports to guards that humiliate us at gates. A platform of our own, equipped with the best technologies would give us the means to design our new sustainable future. Our design would be a backup plan for humanity in case other attempts to provide a sustainable future fail. Humanity’s platform is where the road to life begins. Once we build it they will come.

Initially, however, humanity needs someone wealthy to pay for having it built and running until it’s solvent. I don’t know how much that will cost but imagine that it will be a lot. After enough people join the membership offerings should be able to cover the platform expenses and possibly pay the wealthy donor back. There is no guarantee of this.

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