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This featured video was made prior to separating this overall Plan of A World Without Money (AWWM) into Phases I and II.

In addition to this video, I suggest watching “A False Perception”, “We are the Twenty Percent”, and “The 15-hour Workweek”. You might also consider reading about Phases I and II.


Phase I describes how we can survive the collapse of civilization. It requires a plan. Our plan would tell us what we needed to do, how we would organize, where we’d meet, where and how we’d get food, shelter, medical, turn on a small amount of electricity, and etc. Planning for collapse means planning for a time when money is no longer used. Therefore, our plan would not need to include money. Not including money means that we only have to plan for our basic needs. This makes planning doable. This is the key that we’ve needed. But it doesn’t stop here.

Having a plan is the most important part because it would mean that instead of collapse, we could have a humane transition while we have backup systems in place.

After we survive collapse, then Phase II kicks in. Phase II describes how humanity combines with technology to become a Collective Human Intelligence that’s far greater than any we’ve ever known. This intelligence would then tell us how to restore our Mother Earth. Then we can begin our journey onto the road to life.