The future is complicated, so, it has to be planned first. Where A World Without Money comes into play is that not including money makes planning doable.

Increasingly unstable conditions of ecosystems all over the world, especially the Arctic Ocean with its release of methane, add up to a warning that’s been issued by 97 percent of the world’s leading published scientists. Their warning essentially says that  this Plan of AWWM needs to be implemented ASAP.

Plan of AWWM

(A World Without Money)


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The Plan of AWWM begins when you join the mailing list. Our ultimate goal is to have a sustainable future. While we’re making this future we don’t change the world we live in now. We prepare standard portfolios that can be altered and then send them to cities and neighborhoods all over the world. We promote the website and help the membership grow. We use donations to acquire an Internet platform developer to build a version of Humanity’s Platform that only does what’s needed to prepare for collapse and preparation for the initiation of Phase 2. Part of that initiation will require a new clean energy supply, which is included on the second tier.

The second tier

On the second tier we plan to survive collapse. This survival is planned for a length of 2 years to allow time for Phase 2 to come into operation. We email the standard portfolios to every city in the world, asking them to divide their cities into neighborhoods. As more people join the CHI (and the CHI is members of Humanity’s Platform – anyone in the world can become a member of the CHI. CHI stands for Collective Human Intelligence) neighborhoods can be better defined. Cities can coordinate this effort if they choose. Neighborhood portfolios are setup like lists, so that after a neighborhood has checked off the list, then that neighborhood could be considered as ready. Humanity’s Platform becomes a hub where standard details are kept. Neighborhoods would augment and use standard details as they needed. Of course, not everyone will participate, but there are about 10,000 cities in the world, even if only 5 percent participated, that would be 500 cities, which should give us a range that computers on Humanity’s Platform could extrapolate into temporary portfolios for the missing cities and neighborhoods. Once people begin to see completed portfolios they will realize that something is being done and will want to join. As collapse approaches the countenance of humanity will turn more to fear and people will look for a way out. Then they will be willing to do whatever they have to do. Then the CHI will have the Plan of AWWM. Then, many more people will join, which will allow many more neighborhoods to become ready. Hopefully, cities will take enough interest, especially as we near collapse, to provide the items needed for neighborhoods that don’t join, so that when they do join, they will not have far to catch up.

The third tier

On the third tier collapse arrives, and money, governments, etc. are down forever. Then our Phase 1 plans to survive collapse are put into action. People know where to go and what to do. Instead of there being chaos, there will be order. A volunteer workforce is established. People select their own neighborhoods and part of the portfolio process determines how people will keep cool, eat, drink, have hygiene and meet all their basic necessities. There would not be stores for shopping, there would instead be supplies. Food would be cradled out of large pots, vegetarian for the most part, and probably supplemented with algae growing equipment and other things. In this way waste is eliminated and humanity can lower its footprint on Earth as much as possible. After humanity has settled down for a bit, probably a few weeks, then technicians are called to complete the buildout of Humanity’s Platform. Humanity’s Platform is setup to be as energy efficient as possible. It’s governed by humanity, watched by students, and should include things like education and entertainment. These things, however, will be decided by the CHI.


The fourth tier

After Humanity’s Platform is fully built, then as the new energy system is installed and plugged into the existing electrical grid, neighborhoods come online with Humanity’s Platform. The new energy system would be installed by volunteers and there are many potentials for this system. It may take some time to get it to cover all neighborhoods, which is why the plans to survive collapse are made for two years. At this time the CHI will have the choice of whether to include money or not. The qualification is that the measurement for design must meet the mission, which is to provide a sustainable future for the children of the world. This ensures that humanity can continue to live on Earth.

The fifth tier

In order to have a sustainable future humanity will need to have a sustainable mindset. The sustainable mindset is depicted in the Law of Life Story. It’s essentially a mindset that can last a million years. The CHI also determines how we will heal our Mother Earth. When humanity has lightened its footprint, then humanity will become movable and the Earth can then be operated on as required.

The sustainable future

In a sustainable future we don’t live like hunter-gatherers but we do live with nature instead of against nature. We don’t waste or disrespect nature anymore. We use our intelligence to bring back the Woolley Mammoth and restore the damage we’ve done.