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In addition to this video, I suggest watching “A False Perception”, “We are the Twenty Percent”, and “The 15-hour Workweek”. You might also consider reading about Phases I and II.

This featured video was made prior to separating this overall Plan of A World Without Money (AWWM) into Phases I and II.

Note: Views are best from mobile phones turned sideways.

The Plan of AWWM

The Plan of AWWM recognizes that the collapse of civilization will come before a sustainable future. This means that before we can have a sustainable future, we will have to survive collapse. Surviving collapse is done by planning first, planning for minimums, not including money, and not changing the world we live in now.  All of these things simplifies planning so much that it actually becomes doable. And when I say doable, I mean for the whole world.

Surviving collapse is Phase I. Sustaining our survival is Phase II. Most people think we can’t live without money. Forget about that. The collapse of civilization is on its way now. If it gets here and we’re not ready, then our apocalyptic vision of horror will come true. Having our survival all organized in a detailed plan, however, replaces our vision of horror. It’s like being lost in a desert and then finding a map that shows how to get out. Fear is lifted.

Having a sustained life, however, is more difficult because it involves not only changing our lifestyles but repairing our environment. Most people think this can’t be done. But this is just not true. Phase II is where we have a fully developed internet platform made for humanity. Phase II comes after Phase I. Phase I begins building Humanity’s Platform. It’s built enough to allow us to plan how we will survive. We use many standard details and organization software. Then collapse comes, Phase I is implemented and then people are not working. Everything has changed. Then we call the codewriters, etc. and finish building out the platform. Then, because humanity is not working, except for a little volunteer labor that’s already organized, then humanity gets on the platform via the internet. Humanity’s platform will probably be the only part of the internet that’s up because there won’t be much electricity. But it will have databases full of all the information of the world minus financial. Imagine a Collective Human Intelligence (CHI) of a billion people working with high speed processors in think tank teams, using modeling, database searching, various software and also instantaneous voice translation so that people can talk to each other from all over the world without a language barrier. Today 59% of our world is active on the internet. So there’s plenty of PC’s, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc. 59% = 4.6 billion people. Humanity wouldn’t be working so a billion people is not unrealistic. Anyway, this CHI would have a combined intelligence that would be so high that it would be able to determine precisely how we would essentially operate on our Mother Earth to heal her. Refreezing the Arctic would go a long way. Science says our planet has entered an accelerated demise that’s faster than their studies have ever before. But it won’t matter. Why? Have you ever seen a picture of a baseball when it’s hit by a bat? The ball deforms. It literally deforms against the bat so much that it looks like the ball’s done for. But the contact happens so fast that the ball returns to it’s shape. Our Mother Earth will do the same thing.  

This Plan of AWWM is just starting. The reason this plan can work while wealthy powers have likely exhausted their resources without finding the way, is because wealthy people would not look into a world without money. AWWM is where the solutions lie. Beyond that, they haven’t given humanity a chance to try. And in the last 50 years our world population has doubled. This means we’ve become unmovable. By planning for a world without money, we remove the ties that bind and can then move ourselves.

 There is much waste in this world of money. This is why our oceans are swimming in trash. When we reduce our lives down to minimums then the waste becomes like a buffer that softens our change. At first it will be difficult but not as bad as we thought. After a year or so life will start getting better.

Finally, this entire plan is based on a perception. The perception is that money is a poison. This has not been proven. Even if it’s not true it doesn’t matter. Perceptions don’t have to be true. All they have to do is cause the correct response. By allowing ourselves to have the perception that money is a poison, then we can see that the reason our world has gone so wrong is because humanity, which has the highest intelligence of all life on Earth, has consumed a poison. The poison is money. It’s made all of us sick. The perception allows us to forgive each other. It removes the blame. Then, we can start life over again.