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This featured video was made prior to separating this overall Road to Life Plan into Phases I and II. This video is still relevant, however, but from about 7:20 to 8:40 has changed.

I’ll make more videos soon but for now the older videos are in the Media menu. Of these, I suggest watching “A False Perception”, “We are the Twenty Percent”, and “The 15-hour Workweek”. Before watching them, however, you might consider reading about Phases I and II.


The collapse of civilization is coming. By definition, collapse means that money will be no more. The combination of collapse and no money, ironically, can prevent the collapse. How?

Surviving collapse requires a plan. Including the complexities of money, however, makes planning impossible. Not including money, however, does make it possible.

As the collapse approaches, our plan then becomes critical because it gives the choice of life. The choice of life brings our world of money to its own tipping point, where we teeter between life and death. This would be the one moment in the history of civilization when our world can change.

Having a plan means that instead of collapse, humanity would transition with backup systems in place. Then, the collapse of civilization would never come.