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This method of a world without money describes how humanity can have a sustainable future by designing that future so that it’s ready prior to the collapse of civilization. Current conditions imply that the collapse is coming soon. In order to have our design ready, the first round of design would only cover basic needs required for sustainability. Basic needs would also, as much as possible, include a plan that tells humanity how to geoengineer our planet back into as much health as we can. Technology would help us do this. The one part, however, that makes a sustainable future possible, is that it’s designed as a world without money.

Today there are 4.8 billion frequent users on the Internet. This way tells how an internet platform made with robust technology would give humanity, that is, anyone who wanted, the ability to come together over the internet, and work face to face by video camera, with people from all over the world to design the sustainable future. And while designing, they would speak to each other without a language barrier, using instantaneous voice translation software.

Having the design ready prior to the collapse of civilization, becomes the most important part, because then humanity would have a plan to follow. Having a plan means having the choice of life. It means that the children of the world would have a future. It means that instead of the collapse of civilization, humanity would be able to transition into the sustainable future while backup systems remain in place. Then, while in transition, the rest of the design can be completed.

Most people seem to agree that dramatic change is needed in one way or another. Have you ever seen nature? Have you ever seen how beautiful nature is? So, if a sacrifice was required to save life on Earth, then what sacrifice would be more apropos than all of our money? Ending money might sound crazy, but it also might just be the dramatic change we need. And this way doesn’t call for us to end money. Neither would it give us a guarantee. But it would give us the potential for the choice of life instead of the collapse of civilization. And by definition, the collapse of civilization would mean the end of government and the end of money anyway. At least by designing a sustainable future as a world without money, then we would have a plan that’s made to work without money. So this is something to think about.

This method also doesn’t assume that everyone will go along, nor does it attempt to make anyone go along. People designing the future on the platform would be there because they wanted to be. The platform would give humanity a chance to try. Humanity hasn’t had a chance yet, and I’m pretty sure that many people absolutely would want to try. This Coronavirus time would be perfect for them. But on the platform, all people would do is quietly make the design so that it’s ready. They wouldn’t worry about people who won’t go along. Because when people begin to realize that a plan exists, then they’ll want to look at it more. And they’ll be able to see the plans when they go online. This should cause more people to join, which would make the plan even better. If there’s enough time, then more design could be added. Then, as the collapse approaches, nature howls, and brothers and sisters are begging for those who are still holding out to come and choose life, well, then I think that even people with guns would come along. I don’t think it would be a matter of defeating them or taking their guns. I think it would be more of a matter of showing them a better way.

So the part about a world without money that I think will happen, and I could be wrong, but what I think will happen is that after money is gone, our human countenance will change back to the lovers of nature and life that humans once had before civilization and money began. This may not be understandable now. I’m currently writing a story called the “Law of Life” that I intend to post when I get it done. The story should explain what I mean.

Well, there’s a lot more detail on this website. Some of it needs updating but this synopsis is the gist. This world without money plan really is all about perception. For about 30 years I’ve had the perception that money is a poison. In fact, without this perception, I wouldn’t have looked into a world without money. But when I looked, I found this plan. I’m not asking anyone else to believe that money is a poison. It can’t be proved anyway. At least not right now. I will say, however, that if you can allow yourself to see the perception, like if I said “hypothetically speaking, think of money as a poison”, then, you might see how I’ve seen that money has affected us. I’ve seen that the effect is much stronger than we might think. But the most important part I’ve found about seeing money as a poison, is that it’s caused me to realize that none of this is our fault. I’ve seen that the reason we’ve treated each other so cruelly and even destroyed our own lives, is because we’ve been under the influence of this poison.

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