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In addition to this video, I suggest watching “A False Perception”, “We are the Twenty Percent”, and “The 15-hour Workweek”. You might also consider reading about Phases I and II.

This featured video was made prior to separating this overall Plan of A World Without Money (AWWM) into Phases I and II.

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The Plan of AWWM

Dear Visitor,

About 30 years ago I began to look at money as a poison. This perception is something that humanity doesn’t see, yet. Additionally, money being a literal poison has not been proved. So it’s a perception. Having this perception, however, allowed me to look into a world without money, and this is where I found the Plan of AWWM.

The Plan of AWWM begins with planning to survive the collapse of civilization. What if collapse came because the economy tanked? Would that mean that we automatically have to throw in the towel? It would if we didn’t know how to survive. Planning to survive collapse means planning for a time when money is not used anymore. It means planning for a time when the world has shut down. This can either be our biggest fear, or if we plan, then it can be the point where we start life over again. Planning for a time when the world is shut down means that we don’t have to include the obstacles of money in our plans. This simplifies everything so much that the project becomes doable. It means that we can plan for essentially starting over again from scratch. It would be like building a new house rather than trying to remodel the old broken down one. I know this is true because I used to be a construction manager.

People sometimes scoff at this notion, however, probably because they think that some government or wealthy people will come down on anyone that does this. What people don’t realize is that governments and wealthy people are people just like the rest of us. They want to live too. The Plan of AWWM does not seek to overthrow anyone. It seeks to show the way to get out of this mess. That’s all. For everyone. All over the world.

Today, we have 59 percent of humanity active on the internet. Corporations are taking advantage of this by using CI, which is a combination of Human Intelligence, high speed computers, normal AI search engines and modeling programs, and organizational software. This forms a Collective Intelligence – CI. On this website I call CI the CHI, which stands for Collective Human Intelligence. This combination forms an intelligence that’s far greater than humanity has ever had before, and it does this without the threat of using AI. This level of intelligence can tell us everything we need to know and do to get out of this mess. 

The secret is to plan first. We plan before doing anything. And we actually don’t do anything until the government and money kind of say its ok. That’s why we plan for collapse. We’re not trying to fight the military. We want them on our side. It’s as simple as that.

The road to life begins at the threshold of perception. If we’re ever going to have a sustainable world, then we have to change dramatically. Not just a little, but everything. Our perceptions of life will have to change. We can’t do this a piece at a time. How we do this is to plan first, and don’t change things while we plan. In this way we create a process of attraction, not a process of promotion. And we include everyone.

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Adam Soul