A World Without Money

The road to life begins at the threshold of perception.

Issue No 5 | November 2020


Why the Plan of AWWM will work

59 percent of humanity is active on the Internet. That’s 4.6 billion. 1/10,000th = 460,000. Today there are corporations that combine people in think tanks, using high speed computer technology, normal AI enhanced search engines and modeling programs, and organizational software. This combination forms an Intelligence that would be powerful enough to tell us what we can do  to survive the collapse of civilization, restore our Mother Earth, and start life over again. Corporations do this, so can humanity. Where corporations place thousands, however, humanity can place millions. An internet platform for humanity, such as is described on this website, will provide the means. The platform can be acquired in a number of ways.

Thousands of hours of study have solidified the Plan of AWWM.

In this five minute video the director of the Human Computation Institute essentially verifies how the Plan of AWWM will work. The institute uses a Collective Intelligence in a think tank type of environment. In the Plan of AWWM the Collective Intelligence is made from any person with internet access that wants to help, and the Collective Intelligence is called the Collective Human Intelligence (CHI).

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The Law of Life Story

If we’re going to have a new sustainable future, we’ll need a new mindset to go along with it. This story reflects that new mindset in a comparison between civilization and hunter-gatherers that lived pre-comet, before 12,800 years ago.

Edits, videos, and soundtracks are currently underway. This story is different. It’s nothing like the Road to Life Plan from two years ago. 

A food processor that adds flavor

Planning to survive collapse will involve methods of obtaining food. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance, so they say. If we plan first, we will find that there are many things we can do. The following is but one example.

We can eat grass and weeds. That doesn’t sound very good. Nevertheless it’s true. We may not want to, but the children of the world might feel different. And when it comes down to starving or living, we will choose to live, especially if we can make the grass taste good.

Now let’s say that we had a grinding machine that ran with some kind of a momentum wheel, such as an automobile wheel on an axle, so that it could work without electricity and be something that people could make anywhere. It would grind whatever we put in, say weeds and grass, into a pulp, or paste. The grinding would taste and look horrible, but it would be nutritious and add to our diet. If only we could get past the taste.

To do that we simply add flavoring. Planning first would give the CHI the opportunity to come up with ways to flavor the paste. The process would look like this:

Raw ingredients => Grind to paste => Add flavoring => Eat 





  1. If you were listening to a TED Talk on YouTube and the speaker began by saying “For this talk I’d like you to hypothetically imagine that money is a poison.” Could you?

_X__Yes                  ___No    Of course I could

  1. Do you think our hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived, say 100,000 years ago, had better lives than us, worse lives, or equal?

_X__Better              ___Worse             ____Equal    I think we’re heading for disaster now and they were living, essentially in the Garden of Eden

  1. Do you think a for profit corporation makes its decisions based on money or human needs?

 _X__Money           ___Human needs    Corporations have to make money by law. All shareholders care about is if the corporation makes money. Therefore, all decisions of a corporation are based on making money.

  1. Do you think money causes people to take risks with life?

_X__Yes                  ___No   We’re raised to think our survival depends on money. Therefore we’ll do whatever we need to in order to make money to survive. If making money risks life, then we will take the risk. Furthermore, in the scheme of life we tend to  place our own survival first. Therefore, we’ll risk humanity for our own survival.

  1. Do you think using AI is taking a risk?

_X__Yes                  ___No    Each generation seeks its own gold mine. Today’s gold mine is AI. 

  1. Do you think the things the populace gets to vote on are the most important issues?

___Yes                  _X__No   Money almost always takes precedence, even if we do get to vote on it. For example, we don’t get to vote on whether or not we use AI. And the majority vote is sometimes overruled by money.

  1. Do you think the populace should get to vote on the use of AI?

_X__Yes                  ___No     Absolutely

  1. Which do you think is more important?

___Truth              _X__Perception     I think our response is the most important because the truth is that we don’t respond to the truth, we respond to our perception of the truth.



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