About Adam Soul

About two years ago I retired early because I felt like I should try again to tell people what I knew about money being a poison and how we could live in a world without money. I’ve tried to tell people before but it was always too big for me and though I knew these things I didn’t know how they could be implemented. A few months later I retired and a few months after that I began to see how the concept of ending money could possibly be implemented.

I do not have a university degree. Nor do I possess the professional skills of a published writer or public speaker. And I do not consider myself a moral leader or an example to follow. My life has been filled with confusion. I have not been a man of high moral standards and have nearly always been a drinker and a smoker of pot and cigarettes. You could say I have many skeletons in my closet. This being the case I cannot blame my not getting this word out on others. Getting this word out has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done because it seems like most people have been against my efforts and has made the process one battle after another. And I am nothing more than an ordinary man with not very high self-esteem or confidence to do this. That said, I believe I am a good and kind man. The truth is; however, that I would rather not be doing this and would rather live out the days left to me in peace and rest. I’m doing this because I have to, to be honest. Because no one else is, and because I think humanity needs to know. It’s a rare person that conceives of a world without money and today we should be open to all ideas in my opinion. Money has caused extreme damage. Ending our use of money will happen anyway when the collapse of civilization comes. Ending it in a well thought out plan is our best and only way out as far as I can tell.

All I can say about myself is that I have not had an ordinary life, but then, no one has. I remember how much better nature was when I was young. Since then I’ve seen a decline in nature that has left me bewildered and heartbroken. I think that nature is too beautiful to throw away and I want humanity to come to our senses and restore nature and continue to live. For once one understands that money is a poison, then one can see the road to life. Despite all the destruction we have done and the ensuing onslaught of abrupt climate change, I still think we can overcome if try.

We have to change completely. We stand on the threshold of perception…

….. I will return to this later.

About the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation

I, Adam Soul, formed the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation initially to provide a means to receive large donations so that the process of acquiring the platform and beginning immediately could happen. In my naivety in starting a nonprofit corporation, however, I didn’t realize that I would be restricted to providing an educational type of service only and my nonprofit could not do both. I could be wrong about this, but the way I look at it someone else needs to step up and make this happen – preferably an elite. We don’t have any time to waste. The donation process is explained in the donate tab.

The Missions

The Mission of the A World Without Money website

Is to show humanity how a sustainable future for the children of the world can be obtained by creating a world without money.

The Mission of the CHI

Is to provide a sustainable future for the children of the world.

The Mission of the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation

Is to show those who want to know how understanding that humanity has been under the influence of the poison of money, can give a small portion of humanity called the CHI (Collective Human Intelligence) the ability to acquire an internet platform equipped with technologies that can allow the CHI to meet together face to face in unbiased council without a language barrier, grow in numbers, and design a sustainable future for the children of the world – as long as the future they design is of a world without money.

Showing humanity how to provide a sustainable future for the children of the world includes showing humanity the reasons that caused the unsustainable future. Showing humanity includes showing how to acquire a new mindset, how to work around the powers of the poison of money, how to design, model, and test their designs for the sustainable future. How to gain the funds to acquire and maintain the platform and how-to bring people into the CHI and make their sustainable future for the children of the world come true.

The Goal of the CHI

Is to have the vision ready before the time of transition.

The Hopes of the CHI

Hope for a controlled transition.

Hope that Mother Earth will sense our understanding and turn to our favor.

Hope the elite will help us.

The long-term Mission of the CHI

Is to help humanity return to their respectful ancient position as caretakers of the garden where humanity can grow in knowledge and wisdom and become the protector of life on Earth and even of Mother Earth herself.