Acquiring Humanity’s Platform

What does the Road to Life Plans, Inc. do?

I started the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation because at the time I thought it could expedite acquisition of the platform. Since then, I’ve realized that this effort is beyond what I can realistically do. What really needs to happen is for someone with the resources to step up to the plate and make this happen.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know. I’m thinking something like 500 million to a couple of billion to get it built fast. There’s a lot that has to be done and it has to be done in a hurry. A giant platform developer would have to be paid lucratively to immediately ramp up and build everything that’s required. We’ll need it made so that it has access to hydroelectric energy or something so that it can be brought online when the lights go out. This plan, however, would negate the need for a collapse and allow humanity to have a more comfortable transition into the new life of our sustainable future while backup systems are in place. And it’s humanity’s platform.

How many members will it take to get a good start?

5 million CHI members around the world should be enough to get started with general city profiles and some utility contacts. Making standard details would allow portfolios to be assembled for cities all over the world. Once we have portfolios then people will take notice because they’ll see that the portfolios are the beginning of a real plan. This will cause more people to join. We would also advertise. People would join because they want to help. They would also get to meet and communicate with people from other parts of the world without a language barrier. And 5 million is only 0.00064 of the world population.

So, say each CHI member donated $100/year. Beginning with 5 million would equal $500 million annual gross income. Of course it would grow much faster than that.

Would you get your money back?

So maybe you could get your money back. That’s really a small point, however, because there won’t be time to get your money back. The return on this is the saving of yours and the world’s lives.

There are people in the world with this much cash stuffed in drawers. Dig it out! You can’t take it with you!

What needs to happen

Right now I’m getting turned down on every side. People won’t give this plan of a world without money any credibility because they won’t look into it and end up immediately copping the attitude that it’s just another bogus attempt to steal people’s money by some idiot dude. It’s not a bogus attempt. And I don’t give a damn about anyone’s money! Just check this method out and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not a fairy tale. I was a construction manager. I don’t claim to be the brightest penny in the jar but I’m not the dullest either. This way is doable. There’s no guarantee but it would give us our best chance. Humanity needs the ability to try. You may have tried everything, but humanity hasn’t had a chance yet! And humanity is far bigger than we are. Plus, you probably haven’t considered the removal of money. Removing money makes all the difference in the world. Money has made us sick. It’s made us destroy our own lives. If you want money to continue, then you’re the one who’s dreaming a fairy tale. Even if you have some kind of plan to save yourselves, if you come back and use another monetary system of any kind, I guarantee that you will immediately embark on an unsustainable journey. You won’t make it. Why do I know this? Because I’ve seen money through the perception that sees money as a poison. Once you see money from this perception, then you’ll understand.

And just because you have money doesn’t mean that you have more of a right to breathe the air and live than anyone else! No man is the author of his own existence. Whoever you are, you’re not special. And you’ll be dead just like everyone else if you don’t help get this going. Because there are no other plans that have a chance of working. There aren’t even any other plans. None that I can see or have heard of anyway.

You’re the difference. When someone like you makes this happen then all of a sudden, the world will begin to flood in. That’s what will happen.

And don’t worry. This plan will allow special provisions for the wealthy. It wouldn’t be fair for you to fall like you fear. That’s not going to happen. This is one reason why the perception that money is a poison is so real. It lets us know that the reason we’ve destroyed our own world is because we’ve been under the influence of this poison. You can’t blame someone for being sick! We’ve been under the influence of a poison and that is the truth of it.