Acquiring Humanity’s Platform


What does the Road to Life Plans, Inc. do?

I started the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation because at the time I thought it could expedite acquisition of the platform. Since then, I’ve realized that this effort is beyond what I can realistically do. What really needs to happen is for someone with the resources to step up to the plate and make this happen.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know. It depends. It’s possible that a public utility such as the library system could start humanity’s platform itself

How many members will it take to get a good start?

5 million CHI members around the world should be enough to get started with general city profiles and some utility contacts. Making standard details would allow portfolios to be assembled for cities all over the world. Once we have portfolios then people will take notice because they’ll see that the portfolios are the beginning of a real plan. This will cause more people to join. We would also advertise. People would join because they want to help. They would also get to meet and communicate with people from other parts of the world without a language barrier. And 5 million is only 0.00064 of the world population.

So, say each CHI member donated $100/year. Beginning with 5 million would equal $500 million annual gross income. Of course it would grow much faster than that.

Humanity could hire out at least part of phase I

59 percent of the world is active on the internet. That’s 4.6 billion people. 1/10,000th of 4.6 billion is 460,000 people. If each person chipped in $10, we’d have almost a half billion. There are many large companies that would eagerly take on this project for several reasons. 1. Because most of this work could be done from home. 2. It’s lucrative. and 3. Because it will give us the ability to be ready for when collapse does come.

The truth is that environmental breakdown could easily take out so much of the economy that it would cause the collapse of civilization. Hiring a developer would help humanity get going as soon as possible. Once we build it, they will come. They will come because humanity’s never had an internet platform of its own before and when the platform is all decked out like I describe in Phase II, then humanity will be able to join with the technology and become a combined intelligence that can exceed the intelligences we have today.

After Phase I has settled down for a month or so, then Phase II kicks in. Phase II would kick in much easier if it were already made. Additionally, if the platform is ready early, then humanity could have a transition instead of the collapse of civilization.

If I were the CEO of a platform development corporation I would jump at this chance.