Acquiring Humanity’s Platform

Humanity needs humanity’s platform more than anything else in the world right now. We need this platform in order to design our sustainable future. We haven’t lived in a sustainable world since we turned animals into the first form of money. So we have no idea of what a sustainable world would look like. We can’t do something brand new without knowing the what and how of it first. A sustainable future is huge. It has to be designed first. A skyscraper can’t be built until it’s first designed. We need this platform to design our new sustainable future. We’ve been given the internet and advanced technologies in these last days. This technology may give us the one last chance we need. I think these technologies may have been given to us. I also think that using these advanced technologies to make money will cause the end of us if we don’t end it soon enough. Using them to make money is like adding gasoline and wind to a controllable fire.

The Plan of A World Without Money (AWWM) shows how we can use advanced technologies (especially ASI) to help us find the road to life, not for the purpose of making money. AI is becoming humanity’s new gold rush and some entities are rushing to use it at any expense. If humanity’s platform uses an AI, then I will suggest that humanity use the most powerful AI they can get and keep it stored underground completely separated from the possibility of air wave or vibration or any kind of transfer that could let it out. Then that AI might be able to tell us how to defend ourselves from another AI that’s gone wild when that day comes. I think that efforts to include a any kind of monetary system will waste the precious short amount of time we have left. The Plan of AWWM doesn’t waste time. It gets the job done. It’s also one of those things that even though it threatens to put all life at risk, here in America we don’t even get to vote on it.

When the platform is built and enough people join then membership offerings should be able to cover the expenses of the platform and possibly even pay the wealthy donor back. This, however, is not guaranteed.

What does the Road to Life Plans, Inc. do?

I started the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation because I thought it could expedite acquirement of the platform, but I’m not a businessman, I don’t know what I’m doing on much of this. I’ve had people bail on me and stiff me and now I feel like starting the corporation was a waste of time. If we had ten years then maybe I could get this going. But we don’t have ten years. Last year may have been our last year of comfort. We’ll see what the summer brings with the melted Arctic. This is our last chance. If someone wants to donate without a tax deduction I’ll take it. Otherwise, if I have to get this going I will need big money. This isn’t for me. I’m not doing this for money. But we live in the world of money and there’s no other way to get out of it. Humanity must have the platform.