About Adam Soul


Around forty years ago I began learning about the environment. I read books, watched documentaries, and joined a few environmental groups. About 30 years ago, while living in the land of early Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, I got into a conversation that prompted me to begin looking at money as a poison. Since then I’ve observed humanity as being under the influence of that poison. 

I had not been in the environmental movement for a number of years, when in the summer of 2017, while watching YouTube videos, I learned about the serious threat of abrupt climate change.  In light of this threat, I thought that money being a poison was something humanity needed to know. But I was a construction manager who inspected public works projects, and had no experience actually dealing with the public. I’d always expected that someone more qualified would someday bring the concept forward, but as far as I knew no one ever had. Then I saw a TV show where a young gal said something about how wrong it would be if someone knew how to help the world but didn’t. Her words weighed on my conscience and so in the fall of that year I retired early so that I could learn how to tell humanity that money is a poison.

A few months after I retired I met an ex-Microsoft exec and some other environmental people. I found that after many more months of trying to tell them about money I was still surprised that they didn’t get it. I thought my message was clear but to others my repeated mumblings only elicited rolling eyes.  After hearing myself in recordings, I realized how bad my skills were. Besides my poor skills, however, I don’t know how many times my message about money being a poison has been shot down. I haven’t given up though, because inside I know.

I also noticed, however, that my environmental friends always looked for solutions inside the world of money. Then I looked around and saw that even more people, including the environmental movement, looked for solutions inside the world of money. I thought, well this is sure a slow way to approach an emergency. My perception that money is a poison, however, wouldn’t let me look in the world of money. Instead, I looked for solutions where it appeared that no one else did. I looked in a world without money. There I found many solutions. I found that when the complexities of money are removed then solutions become more obvious and much easier.

I’m getting better at presenting these concepts, though it’s taken longer than I thought. Eventually the solutions I found have culminated into this overall Plan of AWWM. This Plan of AWWM is on this website and is divided into two phases.

And, despite what anyone else says, I still think this Plan of AWWM is doable, in time, and is the right way for humanity to go.  

Well, that’s all I have to say about me right now. Thanks for reading.