Analogies, Our Purpose, Blame,Guns, and the Military


The Starship Enterprise Analogy

The Starship Enterprise is a fiction spaceship that carries its passengers and crew safely through space (like the Earth does for us). The captain and crew watchover the passengers and maintain the many systems of the interstellar vessel. Their journey continues unabated while all systems seem to be going well until one day the everyone on the ship, including the captain and crew begin to act strange. They begin to hint around about having items from the ship to sell. Others quickly join in because of the exhilarating feeling that comes along with the behavior. Before long the compulsion becomes so strong that some of them start dismantling the air filter system. Even the captain joins in to tear apart the docking mechanisms and then the potable water system for more parts to sell. Everyone it seems has gone crazy, but no one realizes that anythings wrong. They think they’re behavior is right. The Enterprise is soon rendered helpless. But just before all is lost a lab technician happens to discover that a poison had accidentally contaminated the food supply. When the technician reports this to the captain the captain orders the immediate removal of the poison and decontamination of the food supply. Soon the effects of the poison wear off and the people’s eyes are opened because they see what they’ve done. Then they immediately get onto the process of restoring the damage they’d done.

The Skyscraper Analogy

Building a new future is like building a skyscraper.

Before a skyscraper can be built it must first be designed, and today entire designs are completed in the digital world. In digital reality architects, engineers, planners and others pass emails, conduct meetings, design, model, simulate, draft, schedule and do everything in digital formats before actual construction begins. A computer model simulates test conditions and designs are analyzed, altered, perfected and selected. Once a design is completed it goes into a set of plans where it’s duplicated as required for configuring to mesh with all the other designs. Many designs are repeated throughout the planset, thereby requiring design and testing one time and only placed into the planset in one location as part the standard details. Standard details are often designed for alteration to meet the requirements of the particular area the detail will be installed in. The digital plan set is divided into groups, divisions, sections, and details of the designs. Each design has a particular place that it goes into in the planset so that the contractor knows exactly where to look for whatever is being installed. The high-speed computer processors and software programs available today make the design process easier, faster, more accurate and with less staff. We can see the results of this technology in the sophisticated architectural designs of today. On the front cover of the planset is the architect’s rendering of the completed construction. The rendering is the vision of what’s being designed. Everything about the design must comply with the vision. As the planset fills with the individual designs the vision of the final product is brought closer to reality. When the plans are essentially complete, except for some of the designs that won’t be involved until later then the construction can begin. And while the construction is going on the remainder of the design is completed.

This same method can be used by the CHI to design the future. And on the front cover of the planset would be an artist’s rendering of the future the CHI designs. The rendering would be the vision of a sustainable future for the children of the world.

Our purpose

There are many opinions for humanity’s purpose on Earth. Some believe our purpose is to serve God. Some say our purpose is to pursue happiness. Some say we have no purpose; that we are just simply here. I don’t know about all these opinions. I do know, however, that Homo sapiens are the most intelligent creature on our planet. I know that humanity is far more capable of killing other life forms than they are of killing us. I know that we’re the only animal intelligent enough to deflect a meteor away from the Earth and that the only life we’ve found so far in the universe is here on our planet Earth. I think that when we came to life over 300,000 years ago as a new self-cognizant intelligent species that needed to grow and mature in wisdom and that the position as caretakers would help us to grow in wisdom as we watched over life. And as we grew in wisdom while watching over life we would see what the dangers were to life. And we would see that one of the main dangers came from the relentless assaults from space far more often than we think. By the time we saw this danger, I think we would have enough wisdom to use knowledge to deflect asteroidal objects away from our planet. After that I think that if humanity intends to survive for millions of years then we should focus on having enough wisdom to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge unless we have to and proceed into life from there.


Saving life on Earth depends on humanity all over the world coming together. Blame is preventing us from coming together. Blame draws more blame. We blame those higher and those lower and when we tire of blame then we blame ourselves by saying that we’re born with a flaw. Understanding that a poison has caused us to destroy our own world allows us to come together because it removes the blame. When we come together then we can fight the enemy but we cannot fight the enemy if the enemy has caused us to fight each other. This is why knowing that money is a poison is so important to understand. This is why knowing that money is a poison is wisdom.


Having a plan that leads to a sustainable future that nearly everyone wants to follow will leave the people with guns the choice of either going with humanity or becoming the killers of humanity and life on Earth. They will not chose the latter.

I have read or heard somewhere that hunter-gatherers dealt with people who wouldn’t go along by loving them back into conformance. I think this is the best way and the way the CHI should look into. I think humanity should get away from prisons and jails as much as possible. I would leave handling bad behavior in the hands of neighborhood councils. I do realize there is mental illness that may not be controllable. This is something the CHI should work on and decide.

I also think that the world of money instigates and perpetuates the instinct of violence that lies within us all. Money is made from violence. From what I’ve learned, I think the reason our simple hunter-gatherer ancestors were able to live for so long was because they learned to not encourage our instinct for violence. Studies of our ancestor’s bones have shown us evidence that cruelty and anger were rare characteristics among them. Violence didn’t begin until hunter-gatherers entered the age of agriculture which made their populations grow. The rats in the cage experiment proves that the more population the more competition and fierceness is developed. In this new world there should be population reduction down to a size where humans get along. I would much rather live in a world where I would feel free to go on a journey to another continent on my bicycle with a friend when I’m 18 than to live in a world that was too violent to explore. When money is gone there won’t be any need to rob someone for money.

The military

This would be a subject for the CHI. Should the US lead the way? If it comes out as I hope, then essentially the whole world would belong to the CHI. If we can do a controlled collapse/transition, then we would have time to work these things out. When those of us who want, get the Humanity’s Platform and CHI going… if we build it they will come. Governments all around the world will know about Humanity’s Platform and some will join the CHI out of curiosity alone at first. The military, secret agencies, even corporations will have people join the CHI to see what it’s all about and to keep their eyes on the CHI. That’s OK. I hope they do. Because then they will see the heart of humanity. And they will know that this is why we’re not bad people. It’s money that makes us bad. When they see that our new technology has given us a way to come together without a language barrier, they will see the walls come down. Even the people they send will see that this is how humanity can truly change.

The end of money will allow us to end the nuclear threat that weighs on the souls of all people. When Humanity’s Platform is built and the CHI starts putting together the Vision, governments, military, corporations, the elite, all the leaders of the world will talk between themselves and see that this is our last chance. No one will do better by overpowering another. That would be like trampling others to get to the top of a ladder that floats in space. These people are driven by the hidden powers of money. When they realize that this is the way to life, they will talk to each other and decide to go along. I have no doubt on this. I could be wrong. Aliens could be taking control of our planet right now for all I know, and that would explain many things. But if that’s not happening then the only other viable reason that I can see, is that money has poisoned us and caused us to destroy our own planet. These people know the truth. I don’t think it’s true that aliens are taking over our planet, so everything on this website comes from that perspective. From this perspective I think everyone will see that there is no other road to life.