Analogy, Blame,Guns, and the Military


The Starship Enterprise Analogy

The Starship Enterprise is a fiction spaceship that carries its passengers and crew safely through space (like the Earth does for us). The captain and crew watchover the passengers and maintain the many systems of the interstellar vessel. Their journey continues unabated while all systems seem to be going well until one day the everyone on the ship, including the captain and crew begin to act strange. They begin to hint around about having items from the ship to sell. Others quickly join in because of the exhilarating feeling that comes along with the behavior. Before long the compulsion becomes so strong that some of them start dismantling the air filter system. Even the captain joins in to tear apart the docking mechanisms and then the potable water system for more parts to sell. Everyone it seems has gone crazy, but no one realizes that anythings wrong. They think they’re behavior is right. The Enterprise is soon rendered helpless. But just before all is lost a lab technician happens to discover that a poison had accidentally contaminated the food supply. When the technician reports this to the captain the captain orders the immediate removal of the poison and decontamination of the food supply. Soon the effects of the poison wear off and the people’s eyes are opened because they see what they’ve done. Then they immediately get onto the process of restoring the damage they’d done.



Blame prevents us from coming together. Blame draws more blame. We blame those higher and lower and when we tire of blame then we blame ourselves by saying that we’re born with a flaw. Understanding that money is a poison allows us to come together because it removes the blame.


Having a plan that leads to a sustainable future should leave people with guns the choice of either life with humanity or becoming the killers of humanity and life on Earth. They will not chose the latter.

The world of money perpetuates the instinct of violence. From what I’ve learned, I think the reason our simple hunter-gatherer ancestors were able to live for so long is because they learned to not encourage our instinct for violence. Studies of our ancestor’s bones have shown that cruelty and anger were rare characteristics among them. Violence didn’t begin until hunter-gatherers entered the age of agriculture which made their populations grow. The rats in the cage experiment proves that the more population the more competition and fierceness is developed. In this new world there should be population reduction down to a size where humans get along. I would much rather live in a world where I would feel free to go on a journey to another continent on my bicycle with a friend when I’m 18 than to live in a world that was too violent to explore. When money is gone there won’t be any need to rob someone for money.

The military

We should be able to end the nuclear threat that weighs on the souls of all people. The intelligence of the CHI might even figure out a way to neutralize radiation. The military has done a great deal of environmental damage that will have to be cleaned up. 

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