Plan of AWWM


Figure of Humanity’s Platform


AI: Artificial Intelligence

ASI: Artificial Super Intelligence, or General AI

CHI: Collective Human Intelligence

HP: Humanity’s Platform

IP: Individual Person

NB: Neighborhood, neighborhoodism

NCP: Normal Computer Processes

QN: Questionnaire

SD: Standard Detail

SW: Student Watch

TT: Topic Team

Audio of Components

Plan of AWWM



Humanity’s Platform will most likely want its membership to be anonymous. This This would be something the CHI will need to develop. For the sake of this description, however, let’s assume that there will be anonymity on HP.


A person has a better chance of remaining anonymous if they don’t show their face. Additionally, avatars used in place of videos consume less energy. Avatars would be created by the computers so no two would be exactly the same.


CHI stands for Collective Human Intelligence. The CHI is made from anyone in humanity who wants to become a member. Joining the CHI is predicated upon the two conditions listed in membership below. The CHI works on HP via the internet using the technologies provided on HP. Each CHI member is equal with one vote and has equal access to all materials and recordings.

Data base

Phase 1 will collect as much digital information as possible. Information may not be easily available after the collapse. The US public library system is well equipped with databases and personnel that can do this. Data would be gathered from everywhere possible including patents and YouTube videos. Financial data would not be needed.


Governing would not need to be conducted by executive, legislative, law, or dictatorship procedures. Most governing would probably take place within NB’s themselves. TT’s generated by the unbiased processes would determine the best routes for governing. The mindset of humanity would be more like the mindset of volunteers. When money is out of the way then the need for government will reduce accordingly.

Humanity’s Platform

Today we have corporations, churches, environmental groups, sports and all kinds of different things we do, but we don’t have any place to come together in equality. Everything is separated by status, education, etc. The biggest division is monetary. This separation hurts us more than we know because there are far more poor people than there are wealthy.  And the poor can tell us things that we don’t know. Climate change requires all hands on deck. HP would give humanity the ability to come on deck.


All software, modeling, searching, database storage, NB plans to survive collapse, standard details and everything is kept on the platform. HP would be the hub.


HP would accommodate the use of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and PC’s, so that anyone who could access the internet could join and be a member of the CHI. In my mind I see people logging onto HP, then occupying their own station, on the platform, where they would do their volunteer work from.


See also, HP under the Plan of AWWM main menu.


Any concept that an IP wants to submit for analysis can be submitted, as long as it’s digital. Once submitted the idea becomes part of the overall process. Instead of submitting to a patent office or trying to make money off of something a person would submit it to humanity.  

Individual Person

An IP is obviously an IP, but an IP would not necessarily be a member of the CHI. In order to be a member of the CHI, an IP would want to help and would comply with the conditions of HP.

Instantaneous translation

CHI members would speak and hear in their own language regardless of the language they’re conversing with. Conversations would be recorded in this manner. This would be done with instantaneous voice translation software.


Humanity’s Platform would be accessed from the Internet. In 2020 approximately 59 percent of humanity is actively on the Internet and that number is growing. Mediation

The question arises as to how humanity would reach agreement.  The answer is to have a mediator. No human, however, could be the mediator because there would always be suspicion of bias. Therefore, instead of humans, computers would be set up to be verifiably unbiased so that they could do the mediation. Computers don’t make the decisions. We make the decisions based on their results. Their results are calculated against the measurement of providing a sustainable future for the children of the world. If they show a measurement as 100 percent, then we would consider that good. If their result is only 80 percent, then we would try to adjust the variables. Argument is sustained by deciding for the children instead of for us. We ask ourselves what they will need. Our purpose is to ensure that they live. Because if they don’t, then humanity doesn’t live. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to go along. But this would be how fairness can be achieved. In this way technology can be the mediator.


Membership on HP is called the CHI.   Membership is predicated on two conditions. The first is to agree that the mission is to provide a sustainable future for the children of the world. The second condition is to answer a QN that may take a long time to complete. It would be necessary to answer the questionnaire because it would establish your profile. It would be unique, like a DNA tape.


In order to have a sustainable world, humanity will need a sustainable way of thinking. This new way of thinking would be our new mindset. The best way I can think of to describe this new mindset is to describe it in a story, which I’ve written and called the Law of Life Story under the PERCEPTIONS menu. The suggested mindset would intend for humanity to last for millions of years. Or as long as we can.


Neighborhoods would be the basic unit. Larger units, such as geographical areas and cities would be defined as needed. There would no longer be the need for country borders and such. An IP would select the NB that suited them best. The size of a NB would be somewhere in the range of 50 to perhaps 150 people, or whatever amount the CHI determines. A NB could be a small village, a floor of an apartment building, a group of houses, a converted underground garage, or something else. The idea is to have a group that you would belong to.

Normal Computer Processes

The benefits are not necessarily in the complexity of the programs, but in the speed of the processors. Microprocessor speeds have increased exponentially over the last two generations. The CHI would work with NCP’s and normal search engines that wouldn’t include advertising. The NCP’s would be verifiably unbiased. Computers are made of software logic, and that software could be verifiable by experts.

Plan Sets

Plan sets are where SDs, completed portfolios, and the different designs of a sustainable future are placed in an organized retrievable manner.


Portfolios are used in Phase 1 as a way to guide NBs in setting up their plans for  surviving collapse. Each section could be checked off as it’s completed and after it’s all checked off then that NB could be considered as ready. Portfolios would be extrapolated into NB that don’t join so that  temporary portfolios would be made for each of those NBs, thereby at least having a partial plan for each NB in the world. Portfolios would help people get their arms around the project.

Professional staff

HP will likely require a number of paid professional staff to run the platform and provide assistance. This expense would be calculated into the monetary collection processes. Professional staff could include the platform developer and other contractors as well.

Public appearance

Initially, on HP we will be planning for how to survive the collapse. We should concentrate our efforts on completing our plans as soon as possible. While we’re completing them, our public appearance should not contend with the world of money. HP could, and I hope will, become the largest non profit corporation in the world. As such, it does not want to compete, disrupt, be a nuisance or an obstructor to the world of money. We want to plan for how to survive collapse. That’s it. If we got in the way then we could be considered as a threat, or competition or something like that. That’s not what we want because it could, worst case scenario, get us shut down. What we want is to blend in like flowers in the wall. As Bruce Lee might have put it, we want to become like water.


Profiles are made for each IP in the world. They are made from QNs. Those who are not members of the CHI have temporary profiles filled in by extrapolation. In this way profiles for different areas, even for the entire world, can be made. Then the computer processes would be able to see what the world needed and wanted. The processes would, for example, see that humans need vitamin C or else we become prone to the disease of scurvy. The need for vitamin C in people’s diets could be simply kept tract of. If a NB, for example, developed a diet deficient in vitamin C, then it could be alerted to that deficiency before it became a real problem. This would probably not be something we’d want to vote on. Instead, these kinds of things can essentially be voted on through the QN’s.


QN’s are used to determine profiles and answer computer process questions, such as modeling questions. Entry questionnaires would establish an IP profile and could be extensive. Additional questionnaires would probably also be warranted. Not everything can be voted on, therefore questionnaires would be a way of voting without actually voting. Answering and developing questions would also give people something to do when their not on TTs. Some of the questions on questionnaires would be personal, but nothing on a questionnaire would be disclosing. QN’s would also not include finances of any kind.

Standard Details

Standard details can be made of lists, such as portfolios, or anything that can be standardized, augmented, and used by others. SD’s would be used as much as possible because they would expedite the planning process. Before long there would be SD’s for doing things like turning axle wheels into batteries and grass into nutritious edible food.
Student Watch

The idea is that students would watch over HP. They would be guarding their own future. Young people today are technologically savvier than most adults when it comes to computer technology. Even elementary grade school kids are learning how to write apps for their smart phones. These qualities can be used. Anonymity on HP might not work perfectly. There could be members that want to be antagonistic. Or a CHI member could become selfish without realizing it. Students could watch out for this, as well as other unwarranted influences. A soft student nudge could open a person’s eyes and help them become aware of what they’re doing. No one is perfect. We’re all human.

Topic Teams

Topic Teams would be like think tanks. I see a think tank as made from people all over the world, not simply experts in that field. Experts could be biased towards their own expertise. In my mind, a TT should consist of around 30% experts. The idea would be to provide a confluence of people from all over the world.


Additionally, TT meetings should be recorded and available for all CHI members to view. TT’s should also be volunteer.



The above list of components is far from complete. What I’ve written are guidelines. All of this will be determined by the CHI. That would be you! What’s important is that we begin work immediately. No one will stand in our way because we don’t live in that generation anymore. We don’t live in the generation of Bonnie and Clyde anymore. We live in the generation that wants to live. Now we have to figure out how.