Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Money

Why do you call money a poison?

I call money a poison because I think humanity has been poisoned by money. I’m not saying it’s a deliberate poisoning but if an alien race wanted our planet, and didn’t care about nature then introducing money to humanity eventually causes the end of life on Earth. In our case it’s taken less than 7,000 years.

Could money be a disease instead of a poison?

It could. The CHI may choose to redefine the word poison.

Is money a virus instead of a poison?

Here we are in March of 2020 and the COVID-19 Coronavirus has the world essentially in lockdown. This virus is a result of the poison, or at least that’s what I think. I think this virus is a subset of a much bigger issue and I think that issue is the poison of money. A virus, however, is similar to a poison. The CHI may choose to redefine the word poison.

Is money a drug instead of a poison?

A poison is generally thought of as more serious than a drug. If a drug or poison is removed the symptoms often go away. The CHI may choose to redefine the word poison.

Does money cause irrational behavior?

Money causes all kinds of irrational behaviors. This is discussed throughout this website.

Why do we need to understand that money destroyed the world?

If humanity doesn’t understand the reason why we’ve destroyed the world then even if we are able to survive the same results will eventually happen again.

Does money cause greed?

I think a smaller, usually self-controllable, amounts of greed lie within all of us; some more than others, but money causes a euphoria that feeds a seemingly unquenchable thirst. Greed is a bit hard to define because what seems like an action of greed to one person may not seem like an action of greed to the person committing the action.

Does money cause hoarding (a selfish accumulation of stuff)?

Money enables hoarding and may also contribute to the psychological abnormality that would cause a person to hoard. Over time, however, people accumulate things. If they change their living location often then they’re less likely to accumulate. Likewise the opposite often occurs when people remain in the same location. Some people have fear selling things because of strangers coming to their door.

What effects does money have on people?

Money causes euphoria, stress, pleasure, pain, fear, selfishness, greed, cheating, robbing, murder, envy, irrational behavior, compulsions, psychopathy, slothfulness, anger, neglect, destruction of life by proxy, gives a false feeling of security, gives a false perception that our survival depends on money, cause us to rationalize when we do something bad to the environment for money. Use of money enables the destruction of nature, animals, and other people without personally committing the destruction ourselves. I could continue for hours with this answer and it is discussed throughout this website.

Why do you say that a sustainable future cannot be designed if the design includes the use of money?

Including the calculations of finances in the design of a new future would complicate the modeling process so much that they would either have less accuracy or not work at all. How could a future with money be designed when no one knows who would have the money in the future? The arguments would be endless. The mindset that uses money is also a violent mindset that ends up doing whatever it takes to get more money. Money causes us to make important decisions based on what we can afford rather than what is needed.

Isn’t money just a tool – a medium of exchange?

A tool is used by the human but money uses the human as a tool.

A tool doesn’t incite emotional outbreaks. A tool does not create an imbalance. Any medium of exchange, including barter, creates imbalance. Someone always has more than another. Having less incites emotions of jealousy, envy, anger, and fear. Having more incites emotions of pride, greed and vanity. So, in a sense money a medium of exchange could be described as a tool, but sense it incites the emotional outbreak of human behavior then it would be a broken tool.

Didn’t money evolve to provide a means for exchange in a system of goods and services, needs and wants?

Money came onto humanity so fast that it was more like an attack. It didn’t evolve into a system of goods and services it creates a world that’s designed to make more money. Money only evolves to be better able to make more money. It doesn’t evolve to make less money.

Is it wrong to have a medium of exchange?

When one receives their sustenance from nature then one cares for nature because it is the source of their sustenance, but when one receives their sustenance from money, then one will turn nature and anything they can into money.

Is humanity’s life so complex that we need a medium of exchange?

Humanity’s life would not be so complex, nor difficult, if money was not used at all. Money has complicated humanity’s life on Earth so much that we cannot do anything else except bow to the demands of money.

Why live without money?

I’ve heard scientists and other people say that an effective response to climate change would require so much change from humanity that humanity couldn’t do it without the collapse of civilization. We could, however meet the levels of response needed in AWWM.

How could we live without money?

We would have a much smaller workforce that wouldn’t need to create waste and would be volunteer. People are much more amenable when asked than when told. There would still be ambition but it would be for real merit, for real praise, not for the apparent reward of money. Why do something great for humanity if your reward makes you rich and everyone else poor? What good did you do? All you did was elevate yourself for money. If people want to be doctors then they will be doctors because they want to, not because they make a lot of money.

Volunteer (How does that provide our needs and wants)

When money is not included then the waste that money creates will not require work anymore. That reduction would be down to around 15 hours a week according to my estimates. Guitars, for example, would be made in factories, but made with quality instead of economics. Humanity might have less choices, but the choices we had would be of high quality, not detrimental to the environment, and free.

What would we do with our excess time?

Spend it with our family and friends. Take long trips on bicycles and other non polluting methods of transportation. They would also enjoy activities like art, education, sports, cruising on the internet, and restoring the Earth. Eventually people could enjoy the return of nature.

If money ended would it solve all of our problems?

I don’t think Ending money would solve all of our problems, but if we ended money there would be far fewer problems to solve and solutions would not be skewed by the powers of money.

Why not use a different type of currency?

Money produces an imbalance that intensifies all the negative aspects of our lives. Any form of money does the same thing. I have never heard of any form of money that didn’t.

Why wouldn’t a barter system work?

As proven in the past a monetary system works better than barter, therefore a barter system would eventually turn back into a monetary system. Additionally, inequality will always exist when any form of money, including barter, is in place. Using any form of money prevents the return of the megalithic mindset; that is, the mindset that lives in harmony on Earth.

Why not use a different type of ism?

Which form would you choose? Capitalism? Socialism? Communism? Totalitarianism? Marxism? Theoretically they all work, but in reality, none of them work. The change humanity needs will be the change that is required to live sustainably after the collapse.

Why is Neighborhoodism a good system?

Neighborhoodism provides a way for people to escape the heat, have food to eat, have room for refugees, provide means for recreation and entertainment and crafts. Neighborhoodism will also provide access to the internet for many reasons including access to the CHIP and home school education that is performed in mass by quality teachers and tutored by parents and people in the neighborhood that want to help. Neighborhoodism will allow humanity to reduce its carbon footprint the most and police themselves to the greatest extent.

Why do you say that money allows us to destroy by proxy?

Humans and all life on Earth depend on nature for life. Money makes us think our lives depend on money instead. This deception causes us to give priority to money over nature, turn nature into money, and destroy nature vicariously without putting any of our own efforts or interest or wisdom. We buy frozen chicken legs. We don’t raise, kill, pluck the feathers, butcher or package the meat. We kill the animal secondhand.

How does money create an artificial life?

Almost every aspect of our lives involves the use of money in one way or another; from schools to careers to retirement. The reality is that we work so hard and so much that when we go home, we don’t typically want to work anymore so we usually pamper ourselves in one way or another, watching TV, taking a bath. We continue in an artificial world. We go to bed, turn off the light and wake up to an electric alarm and electric toothbrush and then we get into our cars and drive to work and for all that time we are outdoors for maybe a minute or two. Most of us don’t even know what phase the moon is in. We’re separated from nature by this artificial world that money creates.

Is artificial bad?

I don’t think so. But if it results in the destruction of nature and/or all life on Earth, then I think that most of us would agree that it would be defined as bad.

What will prevent people from taking advantage of each other?

Ending money will restore the mindset of love for life.

Should an accumulation of wealth be acceptable?

I don’t think so.

Is it necessary that if a person works harder than another that they should earn more?

Everyone is born into the world without choice. If someone is born with the ability to work harder than someone else and that ability causes him to think he is superior and earns what he is paid, but the truth is that nothing that person has was earned. It was all given to that person. Even if someone works out or excels in some way, they were born with the energy level in them to do it. And opportunities are random except that whatever world your born into will give you more opportunities if you stay in that world.

If I go to more school longer than you should I earn more?

Should you be paid for something that was given to you?

Do we need to have the concept of if I scratch your back you scratch mine?

If you need your back scratched and I am there to scratch it then I will scratch it without expecting you to scratch my back because my back does not itch. But some time my back will itch and at that time I will not call on you because you owe me a back scratch, I will ask whoever is around and available and if they can they will scratch my back. This is karma. This is the creed that humans should live by.

Should we abolish other things that are not natural (i.e. governments or embassies)?

The CHI way of living can be designed to give us a sustainable life on Earth. If embassies and the need for permission to walk on our planet is what the model indicates will work better than not keeping them, then we would probably keep them. If not, then our plans for a sustainable future would probably not keep them.

Can we use cryptocurrencies instead of money?

Cryptocurrency still creates an imbalance and gives more money to those that create the cryptocurrency.

FAQ’s about the CHI

What are the rules for the CHI?

To be determined by the CHI.

FAQ’s about Humanity’s Platform

Why should I pay money to help you build the platform?

Because building the platform would give humanity a place of its own to meet in council, escape from the influences of money, be more able to make rational, logical decisions, and develop a plan to save human and other life on Earth. Because you would be a hero to your children.

What software programs might be used on the CHIP?

The main software programs are as follows:

AI software.

AI modeling software.

AI spreadsheet software.

Instantaneous voice translation software.

Possible isolation software.

Questionnaire software.

NCP software

How much would the negative aspects of human nature be affected by a world without money?

Scarcity and money are both intensifiers of our natural negative human characteristics. A world without money not only removes money, but also plans for future to prevent scarcity. The removal of these intensifiers means that a world without money would would allow our natural human characteristics to return. The effect of a world without money, therefore, would be to allow human nature to return to normal.

Can the design be changed later on?

The belongs to the CHI and the CHI will have full control. If the CHI wants to change later on it can, but if it doesn’t meet the mission requirement then it should not be changed to less.

FAQ’s about Artificial Intelligence

Why would the AI help us?

We don’t know that it would. We may not need help from an AI at all. If we are organized, then our CHI may be all we need. If we do get help from the AI, then that might make the difference that saves us. So we hope for the best, but plan for the worst. At least after we make the transition people won’t feel the need so much to make money, especially if it’s from something with so much dangerous potential as an AI.

FAQ’s about miscellaneous things

What about survival of the fittest?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin.

FAQ’s about civilization

Does restoring the hunter-gatherer mindset mean we go back to our hunter-gatherer way of life?

We can’t go back now. The best we can do now is use our technology and intelligence to help us survive and restore our planet the best we can and live sustainably thereafter. I do not envision humanity regressing our existing knowledge or education but slowing down our ingestion of knowledge would give us more time for review. Knowledge should be thoroughly reviewed by the CHI before it is put into active use.

Does civilization constitute evolving?

Modern anthropological studies reveal that the life of our Homo sapiens species began about 315,000 years ago and have lived in relative peace and harmony as hunter-gatherers with a worldwide population of less than ten million for almost all this time. Then, civilization began and the human population suddenly soared to 7.8 billion and those people turned into war mongering disrespectful destroyers who brought humanity and all life on Earth to the horizon of death in less than 7,000 years. The end of life on Earth is not indicative of evolution, it indicates the effects of a poison.

FAQ’s about the collapse

Is the collapse inevitable?

If we put our collective minds together and made a plan we could follow to correct the damage we’ve done and set us on the course of sustainable life, then as the collapse approaches, if the people of the world see the plan and want to follow it, then we could transition then, before the collapse happens. This way is preferred.

Are we trying to prevent the collapse?

Essentially no, not at the present. Humanity is not reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption, waste or trying to prevent the environmental breakdown or the Arctic from melting.

How would we transition?

The ideal would be to fill the plan set with enough detail that we would know exactly what to do and would even look forward to the collapse. Then it would be possible that humanity could collectively decide to change before the collapse. Once our Mother Earth sensed that we had realized what happened and are trying to change, well, she might respond favorably.

What are contingency plans and what will they do during the collapse?

Contingency plans are defined in Phase I. But they are plans for how humanity adapts immediately after the collapse of civilization and in Phase I they’re made to help humans last for a year or perhaps longer if required. Contingency plans include how to get food, medicine, shelter, how to turn on generators, use solar and hydroelectric. How to deal with nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, etc.

Do contingency plans include short-term emergency plans?

They would cover longer term.