Is it money or the love of money?

Money is said to be the root of all evil. Some people say that it is not money, but the “love of money” that is the root of all evil. But that is like saying that it is not the heroin that destroys the addict it is the addict’s love of the heroin. Can the heroin addict continue to use the heroin if he does not love it? The implication is that humanity can continue to use money as long as we don’t love it. But the truth is that money is an addictive poison like heroin and just like the heroin addict cannot help but to love the heroin human beings cannot help but to love money. Money induces a euphoria and that high is what we want. Have you ever experienced the euphoria of coming into a lot of money? Have you ever won a jackpot on a slot machine, or unknowingly inherited a fortune, or been given money at a critical time of need? Or even the mild euphoria of confidence in simply having a decent wad of cash in your pocket. Do you recall what that feels like? It is this feeling of pleasure that is the prize we strive for; that we call the “love of money”. It makes us feel secure, but it also has its downside. Can you recall the fear you felt when you lost your job, or faced bankruptcy, or couldn’t pay the power bill? There are two sides to the money coin; the side of pleasure and the side of fear. But the two sides do not seem to be equal because it seems that there is more fear than euphoria. There are more poor people than there are rich. And the poor will work three jobs if that have to, and they will rob and go to prison more than the rich. They don’t do these things for the love of money they do them for survival. No one can realistically live off the land anymore.