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Plan of AWWM


Humanity needs a sustainable future, but in order to have a sustainable future our ways of living will have to change. How can we make this happen? Seeking to change our world now is one way. Environmental groups and others have been trying to change our world now for at least fifty years. These attempts seem logical. It seems like we should try to change our ways now as much as we can. But the results of trying to change the world now have not been very good. We’ve not changed for the better, instead we’ve changed for the worse. We’ve not even been able to install an effective carbon tax. And science says that a carbon tax would not be enough anyway. So, if what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, then what are we going to do? The answer is that there is another way. It’s called the Plan of AWWM.

The Plan of AWWM uses technology on the Internet

Currently there are about 7.8 billion people in the world. 59 percent, or 4.6 billion of us are active users on the internet. People working online, in think tanks, with high speed processors, search engines, modeling, and instantaneous language translation, creates a higher form of intelligence that would be able to tell us how to obtain our sustainable future. Corporations are doing this, therefore, humanity can do it too. 

In this five minute video the director of the Human Computation Institute essentially verifies how humanity can do the same thing.

In order to have a sustainable future we will need the means, the methods, and the mindset. The means is where we begin, by obtaining the start of Humanity’s Platform. The methods are Phases 1 and 2. These phases are predicated upon the mission of the plan, which is to provide a sustainable future for the children of the world. The mindset needed for a sustainable future is revealed in the Law of Life Story, under the PERCEPTIONS menu.

The perception of wisdom

The Plan of AWWM came to me as the result of a perception I acquired about thirty years ago, the perception that money is a poison. Destroying nature is a sign of illness because it’s the same as destroying ourselves. In Nature, animals won’t purposefully foul their own nests unless they’re sick. Humanity has been purposefully fouling its own nest for money. The perception that money is a poison let’s us understand that the reason we’ve destroyed our own world is not because we’re bad people, its because we’ve been under the influence of this poison. The perception that money is a poison is the key that unlocks the door to forgiveness. 

The potential to avoid collapse

Having the Phase 1 plan ready to survive collapse may give humanity the ability to avoid collapse. Instead of collapse humanity could choose to transition while backup systems remain in place.

Humanity has become unmovable

Since around 1950 the world population has tripled. Since 1974 it’s doubled. Today we have 7.8 billion people and the population is still rising. What this means is that humanity has become so large that it’s essentially unmovable. Imagine if you were one of the leaders of the world and you wanted to save the world but knew that in order to do that, people would have to be movable. How could they tell people who lived along shorelines all over the world that they would have to move? Where would people go? Imagine a leader telling people that they must reduce their population size. The last time the world’s population was small enough to be movable was perhaps during WWII.

There’s a section on population under the EXAMPLES menu. In there it talks about how we can control the size of our population. Again, technology would be used.

If some leaders had it in mind that they had no choice but to let our world collapse, it could be because we’ve become unmovable. The answer is that humanity must make itself movable. Following the Plan of AWWM will bring this about.

Food and water

Food and water will be our biggest concern. Let me explain why.

The above drawing shows a world population estimated at less than 10 million for almost all of the 315,000 years that our Homo sapiens species has existed. This population is shown as the horizontal green line. On the very right is where our population rises. The vertical scale is logarithmic in order to fit it on the page.

This is what the vertical scale looks like in proportion.

Humanity lived straight from Nature as hunter-gatherers for over 300,000 years prior to the beginning of civilization. We could consider this time as being when our planet was the most bountiful. If we compared this time to now, we would find a ratio of 780 to 1. In other words, for every 1 person back then, in collapse we will have to feed 780. This is the challenge we face.

But don’t be discouraged, because this can be done.