Humanity’s Platform

The Plan of AWWM requires a place for humanity to work from. This place will be on the internet and called Humanity’s Platform (HP). Initially HP can start out small. Phase 1 would not require the size of platform that Phase 2 would require. Phase 2 would probably need to be large enough to hold all of humanity, plus do all of the things on it that the Plan of AWWM details. These things would include, being a general hub for governing, possibly education, research, entertainment, developing an energy supply and everything necessary to plan for restoration of the environment.  There may need to be more platforms than just HP. The way I describe it will certainly not be exactly the way it turns out.


The most important part about HP is that it will be a place where humanity can meet in council once again. Humanity hasn’t met in council for a long time. The leadership of the world, even though we think it’s been people, has really been money itself. This is why I call money a poison. The people who make the decisions make them based on the needs of money, not on the needs of humanity. Whenever civilization takes over with money, human councils are replaced by the councils of money and enforced by the duties of the military. Like I’ve said before, it’s not the people, it’s money itself.


The purpose of the Plan of AWWM is to show humanity how to obtain a sustainable future. A sustainable future will require wise decisions. Wise decisions cannot be made if they’re influenced by irrelevant sources. No influence from any source that’s irrelevant can be allowed on HP. The biggest irrelevant influence of course is money. Therefore, humanity’s platform must be free from the influence of money. To do this in today’s world HP must be solely paid for by humanity. There could be no advertising, nor anything that could corrupt or influence the purity of the decision making process. There would, however, need to be a few exceptions.


Procurement of the platform would require a contract with a platform developer. Other developers and contractors may also be necessary. Support staff would be needed. Hiring the help of a professional corporation to get Phase 1 going could expedite the process. All of these things, however, should be paid for directly from contributions from humanity. The way I see it, the biggest culprit that would try to infiltrate HP would be advertising. Advertising would definitely influence and bias the platform.