Phase II is when most of the technology is built into Humanity’s Internet Platform. This technology would probably be a combination of Collective Human Intelligence (CHI) and some high speed processing machine intelligence, that would include modeling, simulation, normal AI search engines, conversation tracking, and technology like this. My understanding is that the combination of our high-speed processor technology and CHI produces an intelligence of extraordinarily high levels. Intelligence like this might be able to tell us how to gain an endless supply of clean energy, how to grow food, clean the air, refreeze the Arctic, neutralize radiation, restore nature, and many other things.

I used to say that HP would have the technology to let us meet face to face but am changing my mind on this now. Now I’m thinking that because video absorbs so much bandwidth, and because member anonymity would be easier to maintain, avatars would probably work better. Especially with respect to restarting the platform after the collapse of civilization when electricity would be minimal. We should, however, still be able to meet with instantaneous voice translation software so that we wouldn’t have any language barriers.