Platform Acquisition

What does the Road to Life Plans, Inc. do?

I started the Road to Life Plans, Inc. nonprofit corporation because at the time I thought it could expedite acquisition of the platform. Since then, I’ve realized that this effort is beyond what I can realistically do. What really needs to happen is for someone with the resources and know how to step up to the plate and make this happen. It all begins with Humanity’s Platform. Someone will see this truth.

How much will it cost?

I don’t know. It depends. Currently 59 percent of humanity is actively on the Internet. That’s 4.6 billion people. 1/10,000th equals 460,000. If each person chipped in $10, we’d have 4.6 million dollars. That might be enough to get started. These issues would be part of the discussions we’ll have about this project.

Could other entities help?


Students and young people can help. It’s your future.


I’ve written many people, agencies, and associations.


It’s possible that a public utility such as the library system could start humanity’s platform itself or be a contributing member. The library system could help collect the giant database that will be needed for Phase 2 after the collapse.


What would it take for a good start?

A good start would begin with portfolios. Portfolios would probably not begin on the NB level, but on a temporary higher level, such as with cities. Once a standard portfolio is developed then it could be sent to all cities. Portfolios would help people get their arms around the project. If people can get their arms around something, then they can go to work on it. It’s confusion that causes delay. Standard details will also help. Cities can put together special departments and fill in contacts so that neighborhoods would already have parts of their own portfolios filled in. Cities could decimate portfolios to neighborhoods as well as help determine the divisions of neighborhoods.


Portfolios will cause people to take notice because they’ll see them as the beginning of a real plan. This will cause more people to join. We would also advertise. People would join because they want to help. They would also get to meet and communicate with people from other parts of the world without a language barrier.


Currently there are about 10,000 cities in the world, with 4,000 being larger than 100,000 people. If we crudely estimated 5 people per each city over 100,000, then we’d have 20,000 people there, and if we crudely estimated 2 people for each city under 100,000 then we’d have an additional 12,000 people. That would be a total of 32,000. Let’s round that number up to 46,000. 46,000 is 1/100,000th of the amount of people who are currently active users on the Internet. 46,000 should be enough but we could start with even less people than that.

What about contracting with professionals?

I think that many large companies would eagerly take on this project for several reasons. 1. Because most of this work could be done from home. 2. Their contract would be lucrative. and 3. Because it would not only give humanity the ability to survive collapse, but also them.


The truth is that environmental breakdown could easily take out so much of the economy that it would cause the collapse of civilization. Hiring a developer would help humanity get going as soon as possible. Once we build it, they will come. Humanity will come because humanity’s never had an internet platform of its own before. Humanity hasn’t had the ability to come together in council before, nor to speak to each other without a language barrier.


If I were the CEO of a platform development corporation I would jump at this chance.