There is one perception I think we need in order to make this road to life happen. It’s the perception that money is a poison. This perception lets one see why we’ve destroyed nature. Destroying nature is a sign of illness because it’s the same as destroying ourselves. 

A word of warning: The collapse could come at any time.

Increasingly unstable conditions of ecosystems all over the world, especially the melted Arctic Ocean with it’s multiple ancillary effects, such as its release of methane, its undulation of the polar vortex, and its slowing down of the main ocean current system. All of this added to many other results of humanity’s continuing  demise of nature. Additionally, the Coronavirus, and the fact that people have already taken to the streets with guns, all of this together adds up to a strong implication that the collapse of civilization is not far away. If the collapse comes and humanity isn’t ready… If life continues to get worse at the pace it’s going now, then with the heat that will come this summer… well, the collapse could come as early as this fall. It’s not that it will come then, because I don’t know, but it could. So if it could, then the prudent, wise reaction would be to be ready before then. Being ready is what Phase I is about.