This format could change. It’s included to show that the infrastructure can be setup and coordinated. It’s much simpler and human/nature oriented without including the complexities of money. 


Figure 1

Everything is coordinated through HP.

Every IP has their own profile. Their profile is like their own personal guidebook. 

Portfolios would be used in Phase I. Portfolios are described below.



Portfolios could be used in Phase I as a way to guide neighborhoods and regions in setting up their plans for  surviving collapse. Each section could be checked off as it’s completed and after it’s all checked off then that entity could be considered as ready to survive collapse.

Neighborhoods could be considered as the base structure since every person would have their own neighborhood. 


Example of a Neighborhood Portfolio


Example of a Neighborhood Portfolio

Standard Details

Standard details of lists or anything that can be standardized, augmented, and used by other entities would expedite the planning process.


Humanity’s Platform 

Humanity’s platform would be the hub that all activity would go through. It would be where the standard details and databases for Phase II are kept also.


Examples of a few HP potential tasks


Data Collection

This data would be collected in Phase I for the purpose of providing HP with the data it will need in Phase II.  

Examples of data collection requests