The Law of Life

The following is temporary to set the scene for what is to come.

We named all the animals

Before the comet our ancestors had lived in peace without destroying nature for at least 12,000 generations. They lived primarily in the warmer areas of the world, naturally naked like the rest of life and did not think of it. Their world abundantly teamed with life. Imagine what it would have been like to walk down to the sea and find thousands of mollusks and all kinds of life. This would have been the world of nature. Wonder would have been with us as we followed herds. Our burdens would have been light so that when we wanted we could soar ore the land like birds. And when we stopped nature would have everything we’d need. Our beds would have been soft and warm, and our fires would have filled our senses with aromas from the herbs and spices we’d gathered along our way. In afternoons we would have played with our children and in evenings we would have smoked with our friends or watched the sky waffle or listen to all the animals that we had named. When the sun went down, we would have known the heavens, and they would have been so thick that they would have looked like clouds in space. We would have known every tree and every fruit, all the starches, and all the gourds and berries and nuts and seeds, and everything that we could turn into medicines. We would have all been individuals but would have also all been the same. The women in our clans would have more often than not been our leaders. The stories we passed down through generations would have made us ponder in the ways of wisdom. And there would never have been a worry for the birth of life.

Our intelligence would have made us keen, and our wisdom would have rendered us humble, but our humility would have kept us alive.