We are the twenty percent

Statistics show that twenty percent of the world holds ninety percent of the world’s wealth. Wealth is power, which, if considered equal, would mean that our twenty percent would also hold ninety percent of the power. This means that eighty percent of the world splits ten percent of the wealth and power. If we made a calculation of averages, we would see that this is a ratio of 36 to 1. In other words, each person in the twenty percent has 36 times as much power and wealth as someone in the eighty percent. And if money is a poison, then that would mean that our twenty percent also held ninety percent of it. And if we held ninety percent, then the effects of it would show up in the life that we made. So let’s take a look at what we’ve done.

Throughout civilization the decisions that govern our world have always come down from the twenty percent. Wealth creates the hierarchy that we live under. Our bosses are usually wealthier than us, owners are usually wealthier than them, and the main decisions that govern our world, usually come from the upper levels of the top one percent. Statistics show that the top one percent actually holds about 45 percent of the world’s wealth, while the remaining nineteen of our twenty percent holds the other 45. So essentially, it’s like the days of old when kings and queens ruled, and the twenty percent endorsed their rules by living within the walls of their kingdom. The remaining eighty percent lived as poppers and slaves outside the walls and went along because their power wasn’t enough to even give them a voice to be heard.

Looking around the world, we see that what our twenty percent has done with our power from money is primarily shown in the concrete jungle that we’ve now spread all over the world. Generation after generation we’ve built this jungle for the purpose of making money. This concrete jungle is a picture of the annihilation of nature. This is what we’ve done with the power of money. We’ve destroyed ourselves.

Of course the effects of the poison have also come out in the eighty percent. Because the only thing they could do while our power destroyed the world was to increase their numbers. And so this they’ve done to the tune of a ratio of something like three to one.

I consider myself part of the twenty percent and just as guilty. My intent, therefore, is not to blame, but to cause ponder over the possibility that the reason we’ve destroyed ourselves is because we’ve been under the influence of a poison.

The main thing that doesn’t occur to us is that no one gets to choose the womb we’re born from. Most are born in the eighty percent and few are born in the twenty percent or higher. And so, in reality, anyone could be anyone. Yet that is not what the poison of money wants us to see.