Welcome to A World Without Money

The collapse of civilization and the environment both appear to be on the coming horizon and yet humanity is unable to respond. This YouTube channel is being filled with videos that show how humanity can overcome these problems by creating the vision of a sustainable future for the children of the world; a vision that is also of a world without money. Of the world’s 7.7 billion people 4.1[1] billion have access to the internet. This YouTube channel shows how humanity can come together on an internet platform and use powerful technologies to help us design this new future together. When we are done, then we will have a detailed plan (vision) for every locality around the world ready to be placed into action. As the horizon approaches our vision will become appealing because as you will see, a world without money is not only the most desirable vision but it is also the only vision that can work.

Our efforts to design the vision won’t be stopped because those who would stop us also have children and want a plan that can work. In this world of money, however, there are no plans that can work. The reason we don’t have a plan is because no one conceives of a world without money.

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