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No pay. I could use donations. If we got enough donations we could possibly hire a platform developer and begin.


I currently have a weekly zoom video meeting going from 10:00 am to Noon PT every Thursday. Signup on the homepage to receive invitations to the meetings, newsletters, and other.


The idea is that we just get this going. Just begin.


Humanity hasn’t been given the chance to try. This way gives us our chance.






Increasingly unstable conditions of ecosystems all over the world, especially the melted Arctic Ocean with it’s multiple ancillary effects, such as its release of methane, add up to a warning that’s been issued to the world by 97 percent of the world’s leading published scientists. Their warning essentially says that  irreversible collapse could happen at any time. Following their warning is the COVID-19 virus and people taking to the streets with guns.

This Plan of AWWM needs to be implemented ASAP.