Right now what you can do is communicate with me because I need collaboration to simply figure out how to get all this done. I need help with the website, podcasts, promotions, and making this message go viral. Share this website, these videos, and the videos on my A World Without Money YouTube Channel that’s linked in the footer below.

Humanity needs someone wealthy to purchase humanity’s platform. This is the right thing to do. I don’t blame you for the destruction of nature because it wasn’t you, it was the poison. Nevertheless, the wealthier you are the more the poison has worked through you to cause the destruction. This is the way you can right the wrong. This is what I’m doing as well. Humanity needs the platform before we can begin. When we build it, they will come. I know this is true. I feel it to the depth of my soul.

Thank you all for coming to this site. Please sign up and be understanding because all of this is a big learning curve for me. Everything seems to take a long time.